The ZHA project was developed in 2010 together with the musician Petr Abysov.

    The focus of the project is experimental noise music. 

    The first album “Flowers” was recorded with regular VST instruments. 

    The second album contained noises and sounds, that were produced artificially (cardboard, scrap iron, plastic bottles, creaking boards, doors and chairs, water bubbling, howling of the old refrigerator, human voices, flutes, didgeridoo and copper bowls). 

    The third album “I’m” was recorded with noises from both natural materials (tree branches, dried grass and cones, river stones, sand and limestone rocks at the riverbank) and man-made materials (plant machinery, steel plates, nails, scraper mats). 

    The third album “Noise of Mantras” featured a Buddhist monk Phra Chatree Hemapandha, who chanted mantras to the music. 

    The fifth album “ZHA project V” was recorded in our classical noise style. I used this music to make a number of video clips from the materials of the film expedition on the Pinega River in 2008.

    The sixth album “Harmony” was recorded in a mixed style (noise samples and VST keyboard). 

    We first presented the project on 26 March 2010 in the A.A. Borisov Museum of the Arctic (Arkhangelsk). Later we had a number of performances in a number of locations.

   23 November 2011 – in the Arkhangelsk Regional Scientific Dobrolyubov Library (Arkhangelsk);

    18 March 2016 – in the Gallery of experimental sound GEZ-21 (Saint Petersburg); 

    9 May 2016 at the Solar Systo Festival (Saint-Petersburg, Tikhvin).

5 January 2018 in the Northern Maritime Museum (Arkhangelsk).

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